Citrusdal Cellars has a solid history and bright future under the leadership of our MD of Citrusdal Cellars.


Citrusdal Cellars was founded in 1957 in the fertile Olifantsriver Valley (est. 1700's as the main gateway for explorers and fortune seekers), which is about 180km from Cape Town. The Olifantsriver was named by the explorer, Jan Danckaert, when he saw more than 300 elephants drinking water from the river during December 1660.

Today, this splendour is echoed by our company’s commitment to consistency in the distribution of alcoholic products, and to service of the highest quality.

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Rudy Scheepers is the capable MD of Citrusdal Cellars - they are going places!

Rudy Scheepers, the MD at Citrusdal Cellars, came from Kakamas in the Northern Cape to Citrusdal in 1993 as a young man with big dreams.

Starting out as an assistant manager of the local liquor store, Citrusdal Wijnhuis, he worked his way up to becoming store manager, at which he excelled.

Wanting to further expand the brand name, he founded the liquor wholesale branch in Citrusdal in 1995; after which he continued to grow the company to new heights and in 2006, he took over as MD of the entire Citrusdal Cellars (6 liquor stores and 3 wholesale depots) - now a strong, proud brand name.

The company continues to prosper under his watchful eye and hands-on approach.

info @ or 022 921 3400